coleman-stove2Propane maximum temperature holding capacity

Propane gas tank can be freely left exposed on direct sunlight with no any harm being associated with it. Propane gas tank will not explode when left outdoors during the summer season when the sun temperatures are noted to rise rapidly on most of the regions in the world. The issue of propane gas tanks exploding has been surrounded with many myths and rumors which point out to the possibility of propane gas exploding when exposed to direct sunlight.

Record breaking propane gas tank which exploded at the 111 degree Celsius brings even more confusion. Experts have however revealed that the explosion was as a result of other factors and was not based on the sunlight exposure aspect of propane barbecue gas tank. In addition it has been proved that propane follows the gas laws which include the Boyle’s and Charles thus it exhibits normal expansion properties when exposed to direct sunlight.

The propane tank is made from carbon steel material and in accordance with the mechanical society of America standards. A relief valve is installed on the gas tank which will release propane gas after there is great expansion after exposure to direct sunlight. This aspect ensures that the gas tank is secure and free from any explosion risk. Relief valve will open whenever the propane gas tank becomes fully filled with the compressed liquid propane usually at 275psi.

Propane gas usually ignites at 504.4 degree Celsius which is much higher than the ignition temperatures of other gasoline fuels which have an ignition point of 430 to a total maximum temperature of 260 degree Celsius. Propane gas will not explode unless it is exposed to very high temperatures of about 537.8 degree Celsius which cannot solely be achieved through the exposure to direct sunlight. Further more the barbecue propane gas tank is filled to a percentage of 80 which creates enough room for expansion during the hot weather season or under direct sunlight exposure. It is also puncture resistant.

Propane gas tank with a greater weight of more than 100 pounds have relief valves of 250psi installed while grill gas cylinders have 375psi valves which serve the relief purpose efficiently. Temperatures of around 150 degrees C leads to the opening of relief valve in a 20lb propane gas tank and this only happens when there is no more space left.Propane gas tank will remain secure and safe for use under the direct sunlight exposure provided the basic precaution measures are kept on consideration.