Propane tank replacement|Propane tank|Propane deliveryHow do you take the propane tank off a BBQ?

There has been a general shift away from the old charcoal BBQ grills towards propane. Propane offers evenly-distributed heat, less smoke, is relatively easier to clean and eschews the inherent danger of a pile of hot coals.

Usually, the most common non-cooking activity anyone does with their propane BBQ is replacing the tank. If this is not handled properly, a dangerous situation may arise. PropaneXpress is committed to not only providing excellent service to its customers, but also giving them the know-how to make BBQ-ing a safe and fun activity for them and their loved ones.

This article provides a comprehensive answer to the question: How do you take the propane tank off a BBQ?

The first step to taking the propane tank off is to switch off all gas supply lines. There are two places where this is done on a propane BBQ – the cooker knobs and the gas regulator attached to the tank.

Firstly, ensure all the knobs on the cooker are in the ‘off’ position. If the cooker was in use just before, give the gas in the system a few minutes to dissipate before proceeding with the next step.

Next, open the BBQ grill’s holding cabinet where the propane tank is located. There is a valve at the top of the tank that controls the supply of gas out of the tank. Turn this valve clockwise to shut off the supply if this has not already been done.

A regulator is attached to the top of the tank, and this is the mechanism that controls the flow of gas from the tank into the hose connected to the grill above. Turn the plastic connector clockwise to undo it. Ensure that there is no damage to the connector as it will be attached to the replacement propane tank. Detach the regulator and pull it free of the tank. There might be some hissing as some gas escapes – this is normal.

Carefully slide the tank out of the holding cabinet.

It is prudent to examine all the detached components to ensure there is no damage to them before re-attaching a replacement propane tank.