Propane Delivery Calgary | Propane tank RefillsPropane gas is a common household need, since its used to fuel BBQ grills. Being a utility item, it’s a sound practice to have a proper delivery system set up to ensure a constant supply. Fortunately, getting a regular propane gas delivery system set up is pretty easy. The following post describes a 5 step procedure to get a regular supply of propane gas delivery.

1. Signing Up.

Signing up for propane gas delivery service usually entails choosing a plan and entering customer details on the website. Details asked for include customer name, delivery address, e-mail address and credit card details for automatic billing.

2. Choosing Delivery Options.

The service comes two main delivery types. These include tank swaps, meaning the company will swap an old tank for newly filled one, and new tank drop offs, which is meant for new customers. Options also include on whether the tank should just be delivered at the doorstep or be installed into the BBQ for an extra fee.

3. Delivery Schedules.

The service follows a tight schedule for delivery which customers can look up and plan for accordingly. Reminders about an upcoming delivery is usually emailed a day before. Delivery schedules usually take into account the schedules of garbage collection service in order to avoid any confusions.

4. Delivery.

Tank swaps are usually done in early hours of morning for safety reasons. In case the delivery involves only a drop off the customer can place the propane tank like he/she would place garbage for pick up. However customer presence is required in case of hooking up the tank into the BBQ.

5. Billing.

The automated billing system enables the service provider to charge the customer’s credit card after delivery. Once charged for the receipt is mailed to the customer on his or her email address.