Because propane tanks are portable and easily refilled, the bottles or cylinders are usually delivered to private homes using propane tank delivery service from reliable companies such as Propane Express. Here is a step by step guide on how to ensure that propane gas is safely delivered and replaced in your BBQ. First and foremost, it is important to identify a propane home delivery service provider that’s reliable and well experienced in this highly sensitive field and register with them. Most of these companies will expect the client to sign up on their website. A client will be required to provide the company with a name, address, email address and a valid credit card which is kept for later use.

Most if not all of propane tank delivery service providers usually offer a variety of services and options. The options for BBQ propane delivery are usually two. The first option is the propane tank swap which implies that the client has a usable empty cylinder available for swapping and the second option is the new propane tank option which implies that the delivery truck will drop off a newly filled tank without picking up an empty cylinder. With either option, the client is then expected to either have the delivery team unhook the empty cylinder and hook up the new full cylinder to the BBQ or not. Because of their experience, most clients prefer to have the delivery team hook up the new cylinder during delivery.

Even though most of these delivery companies have scheduled delivery dates on their websites, they do contact clients a day before the intended delivery so as to confirm and remind the client about the delivery. To avoid instances of mix-up, most propane tank delivery service providers don’t do their deliveries during garbage collection days. During the actual delivery, the team will proceed to complete the delivery according to the options earlier chosen by the client when ordering. It is only after the tank has been delivered that the client’s credit card is charged and the receipt emailed to him or her.