Propane Delivery | Propane SafetyIn nature, the rule of cause and effect is one that governs all of our daily routines; an effect is always because of the cause. Infernos have caused demolitions of building and properties due to improper handling of propane. Incidences such as these have painted the propane delivery business as hazardous, where fully loaded bobtails have been the source of fires that have brought many businesses to a standstill. Such scenes are results of carelessness from drivers who deliver the propane.
Below are the precautions in which delivery drivers must take, to ensure the safety of their clients as well as the public generally, when doing delivery of propane compressed in their trucks.
Parking inside public garages
Parking inside public garages poses many risks. Minimizing these risks averts the potential danger that can cost lives. Delivery drivers need to ensure all tankers are empty before parking in public garages, and the pressure reduced to atmospheric level. Alternatively, they can wait in the garage to ensure all is well to avert any danger.

Parking outdoors

Parking a bobtail in a public place is possible at any time; the place only needs to be uncongested. The delivery driver can look for an isolated area; it would cause no harm to leave the truck there unattended. In addition to this, the tanker must be parked 50-feet away from any building nearby. If all this is observed, then all possible dangers can be averted and, as a result, no life is lost nor property damaged; which is a win-win situation for every party involved in the business.

Regular inspection of the bobtail

Due to propane’s flammable nature, the delivery driver should take great care of the bobtail. Proper care and control of the bobtail should be his number one priority. Any noticeable leak should be sealed immediate effect. This is because of the nature of propane; it may spark into an explosion at the slightest contact with a flame. When handled well, then not only is the life of the delivery driver safe but also the public as well.