Propane gas|Propane Delivery|Propane CalgaryPropane BBQ: Natural Gas vs Propane BBQ

Propane has held the top position over natural gas in terms of popularity. It accounts for a total of 65% over natural gas that stands at 35%. Despite this, natural gas has the highest rate of gas grill use. There are various dissimilarities between these two gases that bring the discussion of which is the finest; “Natural Gas vs Propane BBQ?”.

Propane Gas Advantages

1. More energy
Propane burns with 2500 BTUs/ cubic feet output compared to natural gas whose value is 1000 BTUs/cubic feet. Most people therefore prefer propane to natural gas for cooking BBQ meals due to its high heat production. It has further been credited to be purer for barbecue preparation.

2. Easy availability
Propane grills have a gauge to measure the amount of gas in it. In this case, running out of gas won’t be a difficult concern to handle. The gas is available in various stores thereby only causing a temporary inconvenience for the consumers to replace their tanks.

3. Portable
Propane tanks can easily be detached from their grills and relocated from one point to another. What other sources of energy would be appropriate for barbecue? Or does one desire to reorganize his/her kitchen? Propane tanks are apt for these tasks.

4. Less scent
Natural gas produces more scent than propane. That makes propane potent over natural gas in that, with it, users can have the natural taste and aroma of their grilled repasts.

Natural Gas Advantages

1. Cheaper
Fitting natural gas might help to save some cash. If a client is lucky to reside near the gas station, he/ she might be offered with free installation. Payment might only be necessitated if the distance is a bit longer. In both cases however, the total cost would be less as compared to what customers would have paid on propane. Propane costs a third more of natural gas.

2. Less pollution
Both natural gas and propane have a low carbon footprint and CO2 emission as compared to other energy sources such as kerosene, coal and gasoline. Nevertheless, natural gas still burns with fewer emissions than propane.

3. Convenient
The only struggle involved with natural gas is the installation process. Once done, there will be no refilling necessities from gas stores; one will be receiving the gas directly from the service provider. That’s not the case with propane though; regular gas tank swaps will have to be carried out.

Propane gas has proven to have more benefits than Natural gas. With that still, Natural gas devotees have substantial reasons to stick to their preference. In considering Propane BBQ: (Natural Gas vs Propane BBQ?), it’s best to evaluate each gas and go for the most appealing one. Of course that’s Propane. Why not give it a try?