Making a Choice Between Propane Gas Refill & Propane Exchange Services In Calgary

Propane Exchange Service | PropaneXpress Calgary, ABWhen it comes to choosing the best fuel for office and home use, propane takes the first spot. However, every once in a while, homeowners run out of gas and must make a choice between refilling the propane tank with gas or exchanging the empty gas for a new propane cylinder. Prior to picking a choice between the two options, a homeowner should first consider the pros and cons of either option.

Pros and Cons Of Propane Exchange

  1. Convenience- A propane gas tank exchange is very convenient. Homeowners will just need to locate a hardware store, convenience store or a local grocery store which offer propane exchange and exchange his empty gas tank for a newly filled tank.
  1. Peace of mind- Owing to the fact that most of the new tanks come serviced and inspected, the homeowner will not need to worry about the safety of the new tanks. The homeowner will take the new tank home knowing very well that they have received value for their money.


  1. High cost- Compared to refilling the gas, propane exchange might prove to be a bit expensive.
  1. Valve incompatibility- This occasional problem might occur especially if the homeowner fails to secure a tank that is compatible with the valve they use at home. When this occurs, the homeowner might experience leaks in the house exposing the household to possible hazards.

Pros and Cons of Propane Refills


  1. Refills are much cheaper compared to exchanges.
  1. Free service- When the homeowner takes the gas tank to be refilled, the employees at the refill station will check the tank for any damages or leaks for no additional cost.


  1. Time-consuming- Unlike propane exchange which the homeowner can access from local stores, refills require the homeowner to locate a specific place which offers refill services.

Comparing these two options, it is clear that they each have advantages that are not found in the other. For instance, a homeowner can exchange their gas propane tank at any local store offering exchange services. Considering the cost difference between the two options, propane exchange is more expensive than a refill service. Homeowners will need to decide and settle on the option that works for them.

Since delivery is a distinguishing feature between the two options, homeowners living in Calgary can use a BBQ propane delivery professional in Calgary, Alberta to ensure that their propane gas tanks are delivered as and when needed, PropaneXpress is an example of such a company.