Propane Refill Delivery


Propane Refill Delivery Service In Calgary, AB | PropaneXpressRunning out of propane gas when in the middle of grilling or cooking can be a disappointing thing to happen. Having to run out and look for refill services can also be tasking and the reality of closed stores on some days of the week can also kick in leaving one in a difficult situation. That tradition of having to take your empty propane cylinder to refilling centers is fast becoming a thing of the past with the availability of propane refill delivery services. PropaneXpress offers propane delivery services to homes within the Calgary, Alberta community. The delivery service makes it easier and quicker to get propane whenever needed.


Signing up for propane refill delivery services will guarantee the convenience that comes with regular deliveries helping to avoid “run outs”. This is quite possible with the PropaneXpress automatic delivery option that schedules propane delivery at regular intervals. The delivery service among other benefits helps one to save time that can be used running other errands as propane is being delivered.


Delivery schedules are made to ensure that each area is visited once a month. However in emergency situations where propane gas runs out before the next delivery date, a customer is required to make an order at least before noon of the day before and propane delivery will be made the following day, at an extra charge.


PropaneXpress requires its customers to visit the company website that has simple instructions on how to sign up to receive propane refill services. By creating an account on the website and providing address a, email and credit information one easily joins the list of customers that receive monthly refill deliveries. After signing up a customer will be required to request for refill when they run out of gas, the delivery schedule is also available on the website. Once one is signed up, PropaneXpress sends an email one day before the delivery date. The email serves as a reminder so that a customer is able to remember to put the empty propane cylinder out for a refill.


Customers of PropaneXpress need not worry about their credit cards being overcharged or misused. Credit cards are only charged on the day of delivery and a receipt emailed to the customer. So it is easy to keep track of the transaction made on the credit card.

The cost of propane refill delivery is available on the PropaneXpress website as well as the cost of other propane delivery options.