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Propane Tank Safety during the Cold Season

Propane is a gas heavier than air that is usually compressed in 20lb barbecue tanks for ease of storage as well as for transportation purposes. Propane safety is essential as the gas is widely used for cooking purposes.

Using a propane gas tank during the cold weather season is safe. The metal tank holding the propane gas usually contracts when the temperatures on the environment decreases which eventually makes the gas to contract in accordance to the gas law. Barbecue propane tank is capable of holding the compressed propane gas in the liquid form even during the cold season. The in-compressible nature of liquids ensures that a high level of propane safety is maintained.

Propane has a standard gas and pressure freezing point of -189.9 degree celsius which ensures that the gas remains in the liquid form during the cold season. When the temperatures in the environment goes below -42.2C the propane gas exists in the liquid form even when it is squeezed from the metallic tank. This property of propane usually leads to reduced functionality of the gas in cooking as well as propane safety issues.

Propane grill burner usually operates at its best level when propane is present in the gas form thus during the cold weather season there is reduced operational effectiveness.Further more the barbecue propane tank is made of low ductile metallic material which also posses a very brittle transition temperature which ensures a high level of propane safety is maintained.

The design of the propane tank ensures that there is minimal change in volume of the propane gas during the winter season. Regular maintenance of the propane tank should be carried out to avoid leakage of the gas due to rust. The burner valve should be maintained in a healthy condition to ensure maximum utilization of propane gas as a leak of this odorless gas may lead to great fire damages. In addition the propane gas tank should be kept out doors even during the cold season when it might be tempting to keep them indoors. Cooking during the cold season should also be done in a well ventilated area.

There is definitely no any harm of using the propane tank during the cold weather season provided the basic safety precaution measures are clearly followed.